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Working in Korea - Night Life

Life | Entertainment | NIGHT LIFE | Shopping | Food

     Koreans work long hours and like to "let off steam" at the end of the day, contributing to South Korea's lively night-life scene.  Officially, there is a midnight closing time at bars and nightclubs (a remnant of the city's military past), but the reality is that you will find places to linger until dawn if you so desire.  Itaewon, declared an "official tourism zone," has some bars that open 24 hours a day.  Most drinking spots have a selection of local and some imported beers, or you can try the potent potato vodka, soju, or the more traditional rice wines, dong-dong ju or makkoli.
     Music lovers will find a range from jazz to rock or classical in Seoul bars and cafes. Chonnyon Dongan Do in Taehangno is one of the best places for live jazz, while the Hongik area features more alternative or underground clubs in addition to regular bars. Taehangno and Shinchon are especially popular areas for students, being near the largest university campuses.  Kangnam, Apkujung and Myungdong, on the other hand, will appeal to adults of all ages.  The ubiquitous noraebong (singing rooms), a typically Korean experience, where up to twelve friends can cram into a room to belt out songs to the karaoke machine. 

     Night owls can enjoy midnight shopping at Namdaemun or Dongdaemun or take the Han River Boat Cruise to see Seoul after dark.  And be sure to take in the night view from Seoul Tower after the sun goes down.

     A bottle of soju (400ml of 25% alcohol) costs about W1000 (approx. $1.50CAN) and beer is about the same at the supermarket.

Life | Entertainment | NIGHT LIFE | Shopping | Food

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