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Teacher's Testimonials

Jeane, currently in Gwacheon City
[June 22, 2019 ]

Hello Mike and Spring,

This is my second week working in the school and I have to say that I absolutely love it. Prior to coming here, I was very nervous and scared as I did not really know anyone in Korea. However; from the very first day of my arrival, everyone at the school was very warm and welcoming. There are 4 other foreign teachers in the school and they have been very helpful since day one. I have also developed positive relationships with the other Korean teachers at the school. It was a little bit overwhelming at first going into a very new and different environment but it's been amazing to see how supportive everyone is.

It's only been two weeks and I have to say, I'm in love with Korea and the people. I've explored many different amazing places and there are many more countless places that I have yet to explore. I am super excited for my teaching journey here in Korea.

I can't thank you enough for allowing me this opportunity to teach in Korea.You guys have been great and helpful from the interview, documents processing to the airport departure and arrival. Thank you once again.

Sheridan College, Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership


Michael, currently In Jeon Ju
[March 6, 2019 ]

Dear Spring and Mike,

I have been in Korea for 6 months now and am loving it here. The people are so kind and the job is amazing as well. The acadamy is a great place to work and the kids are so energetic.

Jeonju is an incredible city and I am so glad for the opportunity to live and work here. Korea is a beautiful country and so far I have visited Seoul, Busan, Yeosu, Muju and Jeju. I can’t wait to explore more!

Teaching English has been a great experience and thank you again for this opportunity!

Environment and Business, University of Waterloo


Patrick, currently in Cheong Ju.
[October 2, 2018-2019 ]

Hello Spring and Mike,

I have been in teaching in Cheongju Korea for about a month now. My experience in Korea has been great! The staff at my school are very friendly and the school itself is clean and organized. The students are great to work with and my experience teaching the kids has been wonderful. On my weekends I like to travel to nearby cities to explore and meet new people. I have already visited many places such as Daejeon and Seoul within in my first month. I look forward to traveling around the rest of Korea and experience the culture! I would like to thank you Spring and Mike for the opportunity to teach in Korea. Canada2Korea has been very cooperative in setting me up with a job in Korea and helping me prepare for it. I definitely would recommend Canada2Korea to anyone who is interested in teaching in Korea.

University of Waterloo Bachelor of Environmental Studies


Stephen currently in Jeon Ju.
[October 10, 2017 ]

Hello Spring and Mike!

I have been here a little over 2 months now and am finally ready to say that I love it here! I thank you very much for the opportunity of a lifetime really. My time here in Jeon Ju has been exciting to say the least. My coworkers are great and we get along well. My school director is also very kind and makes for a nice working environment. I have warmed to all of my classes finally as well. It is a lot to take in at first, but it gets easier with time and the other staff helped to make that process much faster. Teaching has been both a validating and uplifting experience for me, one I hope to continue to have going forward. 

Professional life aside, there is plenty to discover in Jeon Ju from food to beautiful sights.    Jeon Ju has become comfortable. 

Thank you again Spring and Mike for the opportunity! :)
Stephen B.A.
East Asian Studies and Philosophy University of Western Ontario Canada


Sarah currently in Jeon Ju.
[October 10, 2017 ]

Dear Spring and Mike,

I hope you will forgive the delay on the testimonial, I just wanted to have some more experience in Korea and with teaching to make sure I had something interesting to say.

Thank you both so much for this opportunity and for all the guidance along the way. It was a huge relief to have your experience and help throughout the application and the Visa process and I am so grateful to be here in Jeonju!

I have been teaching for almost 2 months now and I love it. The school is wonderful and each class is a pleasure to teach. The school is well organized and all of my co-workers were very helpful in getting me set up. Overall, the job is going really well. 

Jeonju is a beautiful city where the trendy city-scenes are just as interesting to explore as the mountain hiking trails. There are so many wonderful cafes here and new ones seem to pop up pretty frequently. There are a number of cat and dog cafes, as well as the standard dessert and coffee places, and an archery themed cafe that I hope to visit soon. Food is also very important here and there are so many different restaurants to try that I don't know how I'm going to experience them all! My personal favourite type of shop has been the bakeries. There is nothing better than stopping in after work for freshly baked Korean breads and pastries.

Over the Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving)  break, I managed to go on a little trip as well. I visited  a few cities in Korea  They all were beautiful as well with lovely weather  as well as fantastic shopping options.

Thank you both so much, I'm excited to see what the rest of the year will bring!

Sincerely, Sarah C

B.A. Honours English and History, University of Western Ontario


Andrea-Ann currently in Suwon
[May 30, 2017 ]
Dear Spring and Mike,

I am actually doing very well! I love all of my co-teachers and the Korean staff is extremely nice as well, I'm glad you offered me a possibility to join Suwon franchise job opportunity. The franchise orientation in Seoul  gave me chance to meet a lot of teachers.

My classes are very good and so are my students.I didn't travel just yet, but hopefully I'll get there. I might go to Japan for a couple of days in a few months.

Thank you for setting up a nice school.


University of Ottawa
BA Honours: Second Language Teaching (English)
Sunny currently in Gwacheon.
[January 25, 2016]
Hello Spring and Mike!
I was thinking of you both just the other day and how thankful I am for all of your help and guidance. So thank you very much!
I really love the school in Gwacheon,  and Korea as well. I had a quiet Christmas with some coworkers and we had a secret Santa. That was lovely because it made Christmas feel like Christmas and less lonely for not being with friends and family back home. My New Years was very fun I spent it with friends. 
I was supposed to go to Japan for New Years, I bought a ticket and everything but the flight was the same time and same flight just 2 days early. It took off before I could change the ticket. So it seems I have a lovely habit of missing my flights. It was too expensive to buy a new one as they couldn't do anything for me by then so I stayed in SK(South Korea).
Overall I'm really enjoying the experience here and have no complaints! Other than how addicting chicken and beer is and Korean BBQ.
How is everything on your end?



University of Western Ontario, Canada

Bachelor's of Education


Hillary currently in Suwon
[November 6, 2015]

Hello Mike and Spring,

I have been thoroughly enjoying my time in Korea so far! Ally and Kevin have been so helpful and accommodating, they are wonderful directors. The students have been great as well, I really enjoy teaching them! The first term is already almost finished, it went by very quickly. I have done a bit of travelling since I've been here, I went to Hadong-gun for Chuseok(Korean Thanksgiving holiday)  to see the green tea fields (it's in the south in Geyongsangnam-do) and I went to Seoraksan Mountain  to go hiking and Sokcho beach (on the east coast) which was wonderful! I have been slowly learning Korean through a language exchange. My apartment is great, it is right across from school which is very convenient.

I want to thank you both again so much for all your patience and help with getting me ready to come teach in Korea! It was well worth the wait and I am so glad I came here. Hope you are both well in Canada!


Kind Regards,

University of Western Ontario, Canada
Bachelor's of Education


Marissa, currently in Seoul
[October 26, 2015]


Dear Mike and Spring,


It’s been about three months since I started teaching in Korea and things are going wonderfully. I really enjoy working at the school. My co-teachers are friendly, kind, and care about the students as much as I do. The directors have been supportive and understanding during my transition and I have been given everything I needed.


Korea is a great place for a Canadian to live and work. There is a large community for Canadians here and it’s very easy to find people you have a lot in common with. On the other hand, it has also been great meeting people, not only from Korea, but all over the world.


I’ve been able to do some exploring on my time off. I’ve seen a lot of Seoul, which is amazing. It’s a vibrant city with amazing food, shopping, culture, and nightlife. Despite not knowing much Korean at all, I have found it easy to communicate with people and to get around. The subway and bus systems here are efficient, clean, and simple. Despite it being such a large city, Seoul is easy to navigate.


 During the holidays, I’d love to see more of the country. The scenery here is unbelievably beautiful.


Over all, my experience has been almost completely positive. I’ve meet wonderful people and had unforgettable experiences. Thank you very much Canada 2 Korea for helping me get here to a nice school in Korea!



University of Western Ontario Bachelor's of Education.

Ian, currently  in Seoul.
[June 8, 2015]


My name is Ian. I am 27 years old and am teaching English as a foreign teacher in Seoul, Korea.
I graduated from the University of Toronto with an honours Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Socio-Legal studies. At the time I was interested in pursuing a career in the legal profession. As I learned more about the legal system I discerned that my gifts and interest in social change would be best served as an educator rather than as a lawyer. So in my final year at the University of Toronto I applied to enter the consecutive teacher education program at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. Upon completing the program I graduated with a Bachelor of Education and enrolled in the Ontario College of Teachers.
Given the current hiring freeze in the Province of Ontario, I discerned to study theology as a Master of Divinity student at St. Peter's Seminary at the University of Western Ontario. I am a practicing Catholic who firmly ascents to the teachings of the Catholic Church, and ideally would wish to pursue a teaching career in a Catholic school environment, whether in the private or public sectors. Unfortunately, the demands of studies posed financial challenges for me and I decided to place my studies on hold until I could save enough money to fund my studies while bolstering my teaching portfolio.
This is where I met Canada2Korea. A friend who taught in Korea a few years ago recommended Mike and Spring. They were extremely helpful in educating me about Korean customs and culture, and helping me to find prospective employers in Korea who were willing to conduct an interview with me. Soon after my initial contact with Canada2Korea in October 2014 I was offered a contract with a school in Seoul. I arrived in Seoul in February 2015, and am now 3 months into my contract. I am loving my experience at the school  and feel very privileged to teach . We are a great community of educators with a positive attitude towards teaching. Since education is so highly prioritized here in Korea, I've been learning a lot from the students I am teaching. They demonstrate superior English speaking skills for their age, and reflect their Korean heritage through their high level of respect and enthusiasm for their educational commitments.
The experience has been phenomenal. Of course adjusting to life here was somewhat of a challenge at first given the distance away from Canada. But it has been a privileged opportunity for personal reflection and to experience a new way of life. It is very easy to navigate the country given its superior transportation system. Korea is a culturally rich nation with an ancient historical tradition. Its landscape is filled with landmarks from its cultural heritage across the country. Korea also offers much in terms of natural wonders. Korea is a mountainous nation and with several national parks. Recently a group of teachers from Plato visited Seoraksan National Park near Sokcho (a village that lies along the East Sea), as well as Muuido Island, a beach campground area off Incheon. In the coming weeks I hope to visit the Demilitarized Zone along the North Korean border, and on summer break I will visit Busan and Jeju Island.
There is much to do here in Seoul. Recently I decided to join a local soccer team during my spare time. This has been a gifted opportunity to meet young professionals from Korea, the UK, France, Germany, and the USA. In addition, I've been attending a language exchange café where I've been able to learn Korean free of charge in exchange for teaching English to a Korean. I am also regularly involved in faith commitments at Myeongdong Cathedral and the Catholic International Parish of Seoul, which offers Mass, Confession, and pastoral outreach regularly for English speakers.
I would highly encourage educators who are seeking to gain international teaching experience to do so. It would be highly valuable for teaching in a diverse, multicultural context to gain exposure to international teaching opportunities. At the end of my teaching contract I am hoping to travel to Europe for a period, and will return to the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education to complete a Master of Education in the fall of 2016 which I have been offered admission to, focusing specifically on globalization, immigration and education policy development. 

Thank you Spring and Mike.

University of Toronto (O.C.T., B-ED., H.B.A.)


Ian currently in Suwon
[August 10, 2014]


Hi Spring and Mike,

 I have been in Suwon,  Korea for about a month, and I am really enjoying myself. I was nervous when I accepted the job as I didn't know any Korean. But everything has been great so far.I was picked up at the airport and driven to my hotel in Gangnam Seoul where I stayed for the first week while I did training for the school franchise. During that week the directors of the school I was going to teach at came to visit me and took me out for dinner.

 When training was finished I was driven to Suwon (where my school is located) and put up in a  hotel in Suwon while I was given on the job training by the teacher who I was replacing. After that was finished I moved into the apartment, and it was exactly as I was told it would be. There were sheets and pillows as well as pots, pans and silverware. You really don't need to bring anything other than clothes and a computer.


The directors at my school have been very friendly and understanding, driving me to the Immigration office to get my Alien Registration Card (which you need to open a bank account) and when that arrived I was taken to the bank and had an account opened for me as well.


Overall I have been very happy with the entire process, and couldn't have asked for any more.




Thanks for setting up a nice school.



Lakehead University
(Honours Bachelor of Education)


Grace currently in Cheong Ju.
[July 10, 2014]


Dear Mike and Spring,
I would just like to thank you for everything you have done with setting me up in the beautiful city of Cheong Ju. It’s hard to believe that I have already been here for 4 months, the time just flies by! I am very impressed with how quickly the process was to get me situated and teaching in Korea. I remember emailing Canada2Korea and within two weeks I had an interview with the school that I’m currently working at. I absolutely love the school I am working for, the staff are so kind and helpful, it did not take me long to feel welcome here. Not only is the staff amazing, but the kids bring a smile to my face every day. It is truly a rewarding experience being able to interact with and teach these students. Each week day just flies by because I am having such a blast with these kids.

It is so fun to explore and experience Korean culture. The people in Cheong Ju are so accepting and nice to myself and the other foreigners in this city. I absolutely love this city, it’s beautiful and has the perfect mix between traditional and modern Korea.  It is so easy and cheap to go from Cheong Ju to other cities in Korea, especially Seoul. Every weekend is a new adventure.

I have been having such a wonderful time that I plan on staying a second year. Teaching in Korea has been such a growing experience and a great way to learn a new culture as well as forming lifelong friendships. Mike and Spring, I cannot thank you enough. At first I was a bit hesitant to leave Canada but after several meetings with you two, you gave me the confidence to come.

Canada2Korea is a great recruiting agency, it really does help that they have so many personal connections with several directors throughout South Korea. The process of getting here was easy and quick. If you have any questions or concerns, they are quickly addressed and answered. I recommend Canada2Korea to anyone who is debating coming to Korea.
Thanks again Mike and Spring!!

University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
(Bachelor of Arts, Honours History) 


Taleb currently in Jeon Ju
[June 6, 2014]


Dear Mike and Spring,

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy working at the Jeon Ju Academy that I've been placed at. The staff is wonderful and the students are eager to learn and very obedient. I'm really enjoying the work I am doing with the students and I'm gaining a tremendous amount of experience. The people here are so kind to me and the scenery is beautiful.  I have been doing a lot of hiking in the mountains and I did go to a nearby Korean restaurant with one of the other English teachers.  I've met wonderful teachers here and I'm really enjoying myself. Thank you for all your help and I will keep in touch.

Sincerely, Taleb 

University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario
(Bachelors of English Language and Literature)


Jessica (Ontario) currently in Dae Jeon
[March 30th, 2014]


Dear Mike and Spring,

Everything is absolutely wonderful. I can't thank you enough for sending me to this school. Being here now, I am truly able to appreciate the school that you have placed me in. They are wonderful, kind people.  I have been travelling to other location in Korea.  I am looking forward to an amazing year of much more travelling. My kids are absolutely adorable and their English is very impressive. I am teaching grade 3. The school is very clean and huge, with so many students, but they are all so loving and their parents really appreciate English teachers.  The food is delicious here in Daejeon, but the food at the school is even better. They offer vegetarian meals for lunch which is perfect for me since I am a vegetarian. How amazing and tasty! Spring, I wonder how amazing your cooking is! I can see why you are such a wonderful person, the people in Daejeon are beautiful and kind hearted. I am so happy my teaching skills are being challenged and admired.
Thanks again, I appreciate the constant communication. When you are in Daejeon, please let me know!!

Western University, London,  Ontario, Canada (Bachelors of Education


Anthony (Ontario) Currently in Gwacheon
[January 12, 2014]


Mike and Spring,

I have reached my 5-month mark of my journey in Korea and it has been a life changing experience thus far. Not having done a huge amount of research about Korea before I came, I can say, Korea is pretty incredible. From the moment I arrived, I was treated with the most love, joy and happiness I have experienced in a long time.

One could say that Korean culture is slightly different than Western culture in Canada, but it’s an amazing change. The food, the people, the nightlife, the scenery; everything is just amazing! I have been able to really open up my mind with different food choices, and branching out to meeting some inspirational people. The Kim chi is a little spicy, but you get used to it and will eventually love eating it everyday.

Korean restaurant opens are more than welcoming to foreigners and I am fortunate to have established some great relationship as a regular at the finest restaurants in Gwacheon. The subway system is also amazing. You can travel anywhere in Seoul for basically 2,500 won ($2.50 CDN). The cheap cost and ease of transportation makes the subway the best way of getting around. Also, did I mention the fastest Internet in the world? Your downloading problems will be soon fixed once you plug into some lightning fast Internet. AND Korean technology such as cellphones, are hands down the best the world. LTE speeds really make it easy to use my new phone.

As for the job, the school has been amazing. The staff (combination of Korean and foreign teachers) is absolutely amazing. I was able to create some life long friendships with these amazing people. As a first time teacher, I was nervous, but just walking into the school and seeing the children really warms my heart. These children make me laugh all day long.

So I guess to summarize this all, without a doubt, my experience so far has been amazing and every other synonym for amazing. Thank you so much Mike and Spring; from arranging the interview to preparing my flight. I am really grateful to have had you set up my Korean teaching experience. You have been a big part in helping embark on this life changing experience. Mike and Spring are the way to go if you want an opportunity to teach and travel in Korea. A++ ;)


Algoma University, Ontario, Canada (Bachelors in Sociology)


Alexandra (Ontario) currently in Suwon.
[March 5, 2013]


Dear Mike and Spring,
I am still in a state of bewilderment at how amazing my experience in Korea has been thus far. Right when I got off my flight, every step has been a breeze. I have been living here in Suwon now for just over 2 weeks and have met a wonderful group of people from my training that I still keep in touch with. Together we have been venturing the Korean lifestlye and exploring the many unique aspects this culture has to offer.

My apartment is clean, furnished, walled with big windows, and is a five minute walk away from my school. My co-workers have been nothing but pleasant, helpful and friendly towards me. We often go out for lunch and dinner and discuss the children we teach - who are also wonderful and amazing. The children here are a delight to  teach, always full of energy and have big smiles waiting to learn. They honestly make my days enjoyable and my teaching profession one that I wish to pursue.

Suwon city is perfect too - full of restaurants, stores and other businesses. Many parks and green spaces surround me as well. And, just a 30 minute bus ride away from Seoul: the heart of Korea. Living here has definitely been an adventure and a pleasure to take part in.
I can definitely see myself staying here for a couple years. With the comfortable lifestyle and amazing job, I really have no reason to leave. The other teachers at my school have been here for about two years now and they don't want to leave. My directors have been very hospitable and have helped me every step of the way too. It's a great feeling to confidently say that I love my job.
Deciding to teach in Korea is a no brainer if you choose Canada 2 Korea. They are seriously the best recruiters I could have ever asked for. Comparing my living and teaching situations with other teachers nearby, I am the best off. Canada 2 Korea knows directors personally in Korea after working with them for so long. As well, Spring knows the areas of Korea very well so she will be able to place you within a city that best fits your desire.
Thank you Mike and Spring for an amazing experience that I will never forget. I've already had so much fun here, can't wait to keep going!!

Alexandra (University of Western Ontario, B.A. History)


Adam (Ontario) currently in Gwacheon
[February 11, 2013]


Mike and Spring,

         I have reached the midway point of my teaching stint here in Korea and it has been an incredible experience. This country is absolutely gorgeous and the people are all very friendly. I have already been able to meet tons of new English and Korean friends while I’ve been here, and I have been lucky enough (thanks to you two) to work in a great school with terrific Korean co-teachers. I know this experience has already changed me in more ways than I imagined it would, and I’m sure it will continue to do so until the day I step back on the plane bound for Canada.

        My job has been fulfilling in many different ways, not the least of which is that I get to spend my days teaching happy, excited kids who really want to learn to speak English. This job has also given me a chance to develop my skills as a teacher, both inside the classroom (lessons) and outside of it (reporting/planning), while making a better living than I would be making back home at the current time (in my profession at least).

         Aside from my job, Korea is just a great place to live. The culture and history here are so rich, and I have never found myself without something to do or somewhere to go. I have also already managed to jump down from the Seoul area to tour around Busan, and I visited Japan over my winter vacation. Since all of the countries here are so close together, jumping from Korea to any number of countries (Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Guam etc.) for a short vacation is not even an issue.

         Overall, my experience so far has been everything I had hoped for and more. The two of you also made it so easy to make the transition (finding a school, helping me prepare documents I would need, setting up flights) to living over here that I never felt stressed as I took this big step in my life. Thank you so much for all of the help!


Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, B.Ed


Jason (Ontario) Gwacheon
[ November 19, 2012]


Mike and Spring,

 My time in Korea has come to an end and it's always at the end of a journey that you think most about the beginning. That being said I would like to thank you two for guiding me through my journey in getting to Korea. You were both a major part in making it all possible for me to make such a bold move to the other side of the world. You were also 100% right about the town of Gwacheon. (Just outside of Seoul) It was a beautiful place to live in and because it was a Government Complex it was extremely English friendly.

My apartment was nice and comfortable and I really enjoyed working with the kids at my school. I also found it to be one of the most rewarding jobs that I've ever had. My job provided me with a valuable learning experience for my future teaching career and I strongly believe that the Korean work ethic my school instilled in me has made me better prepared for the future challenges ahead in finding a teaching job in Canada.

My experience here allowed me to live an adventurous lifestyle while at the same time it also allowed me to pay off lots of student debt. Best of all I learned about an entirely new culture and met some of the greatest friends I've ever had. Korea was definitely a life changing experience and I couldn't have done it without you so I would like to say thank you to you for making it all possible

Jason (Althouse College Faculty of Education,Western University, B.Ed)


Andrew(Ontario) currently in Suwon
[September 17, 2012]


Spring and Mike,

Thank you for getting me the job I truly wanted in Korea. Teaching English in Korea has been an adventure I have dreamed of taking for quite some time now. While other recruiting companies undersold my credentials, Canada 2 Korea found me the right contract with the right school. Thanks to your efforts, living and working in Korea has been nothing but a positive experience for me thus far. Had I not chosen to go through Canada 2 Korea, I sincerely doubt I would have been able to say the same.
I have been here for just over two weeks and have loved every minute of it. The students are well behaved and attentive in class and the staff at my school have been very kind and helpful with my transition to living in Korea. Everyone is very eager to learn about my culture just as am eager to learn about theirs. The other teachers are always taking me to new restaurants, sporting matches and showing me other Korean customs. It is all very exciting!
Suwon - the city I live in - has lots of amenities to keep me busy when I am not at school and is also conveniently located near Seoul. I really lucked out with the location of my apartment in Suwon as well. Everything is at my fingertips: grocery stores, shopping areas, night life districts, parks and sporting complexes. Plus, there are plenty of other foreign teachers in my area. It seems like I am meeting and making new friends everyday.
I know that in a year from now, I will be able to say that teaching in Korea was a life changing experience. Thanks again for facilitating this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Spring and Mike!

Andrew (University of Calgary, Master of Arts, Political Science: University of Guelph, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) History and Political Science)


Zoya (Ontario) Currently in Cheong Ju
[February 15, 2012]


Spring and Mike,


I have been in Korea for a little bit over 2 months now and I am having the best time I have ever had in my life.  Korea is an amazing country and it is so alive.  There is never a dull moment, especially with the people that I have become friends with.  Everyone at my school was so nice and welcoming that I felt right at home.  I have met some great people that I know I will never forget.  There is always something to do and travelling around the country is very easy and quite cheap to do. Not only is Cheongju almost in the middle of the country that all cities are in quite close proximity, but Korea is located so conveniently to other Asian countries.

I never thought of myself as a teacher, but I can say with full confidence that I love what I do.  The children are great and really fun to work with.


I know I will never forget this experience and I am very grateful for having been given this opportunity!

Thank you so much Spring and Mike!


Zoya (McMaster University, Bachelor of Science)


Amber (Ontario) Currently in Cheong Ju
[December 1, 2011]


Spring and Mike,

I can't believe I have been in Korea for over four months now! The time has just flown by. I could not have had the courage, or drive to come here if it wasn't for you two! When I met you, almost exactly a year ago, I really felt that you could help me achieve my goals. Right from the beginning, you got me excited to teach in Korea. I was enchanted with the culture you spoke of, and that I could get a chance to be apart of it. You helped me so much with all the preparation, and you kept me up to date with emails and phone calls. You made me feel like I was a top priority, and your only concern was my happiness and satisfaction. Your work is appreciated very much and I can't imagine having done it without you!
Korea is a truely unique place, and the people are incredibly friendly. It is a place so unlike North America, but thats the beauty of it. Everything is done so differently, and it is amazing to see how another part of the world lives. The school I am at is so well organized, and the director is amazing! All the teachers welcomed me, and made me feel at home from the moment I got off the plane.  Everything you told me about Korea is true! My apartment is so close to the school and I live near all of my co-workers. This job is the best thing to happen to me in years. Not only do I love my job, but I have had the chance to travel all over Korea, and even go to China! If anyone is thinking about coming to Korea to teach English, I would highly recommend Canada2Korea. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication. I am extremely grateful! 

Amber ( University of Western Ontario, English major)


Andrew (Ontario) currently in Jeon Ju
[November 1, 2011]


Dear Mike and Spring,

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and support in getting me to Korea. I have previous experience moving to a foreign country, but it is never an easy transition. Canada 2 Korea made this transition one of the best experiences of my life. I was in contact with Spring almost daily, and the work she does is both professional and personal. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to them, and I couldn't be happier with the guidance and honesty I received from dealing with Canada 2 Korea. I was told the school I would be working for was a good one, and its excellent. The directors of the school are intelligent, friendly people who regularly ask if there is anything they can do for me. The staff are well educated, dedicated teachers, and students are bright, hard working individuals who make my job fun. My apartment is really nice and is located within 5 minutes walking distance from the school.
    Spring also contacted me via cell phone and email just to say hello and make sure I was settling in okay after I had arrived in Korea. I have taught in other schools in different countries, and I'm very happy with my decision to move to Korea. None of this would have been possible without the wonderful work of Canada 2 Korea. I strongly recommend not only moving to Korea if you are interested, but to go through Canada 2 Korea if you do, it has been the best decision of my life. I have a few Canadian friends already living in Korea who are enjoying it, but when I tell them details about my experience, they too are impressed. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me, your professional care will never be forgotten!
Thanks for your help.

Andrew (Bachelor of Education, Notre Dame University)


Michelle (Ontario) currently in Suwon
[July, 20, 2011]


I’m so glad to have found a job teaching overseas in South Korea so quickly after applying. It seems like just yesterday I was asking about jobs and getting an interview. Spring and Mike were in contact with me during every step towards making preparations to travel to Suwon. They were always available for questions and assistance and got back to me in a timely manner.

The director of my school is very kind and friendly. I am able to approach him and his wife easily with any questions or concerns. My fellow Korean and foreign teachers have made me feel very welcome and were great for helping me transition. My first week was very busy with meeting my students and being introduced to the city of Suwon. There is still so much to do and see but the people here are so friendly that I don’t feel like I will miss out on anything. The food especially has been a great experience, every day I’m trying something new and expanding my taste buds. Getting around is very convenient, the public transportation is inexpensive as well as very clean and comfortable. There are also a lot of festivals and events to check out, I feel like I have every weekend planned for the next six months. I’m very excited to spend a year in this country and to teach such interesting and amusing children.

Thank you Spring and Mike.
Michelle (Bachelor's Degree in History, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.)


Elizabeth (Ontario) Gyeonggi Board of Education, Yang ju City Elementary School.
[March 25, 2011]


Dear Spring and Mike,
Canada 2 Korea was the best choice I could have made for a recruiter. Spring and Mike were friendly and supportive as well as being up front about the challenges that I may face when living in a foreign country. I was reassured that I would be at a great school and my school is even better than I expected it to be. My co-workers are wonderful and always willing to try and help, even if the language barrier is pretty high. My students are wonderful. They are bright, willing to learn, energetic and have their own wonderful personalities. They always put a smile on my face, even on the bad days. I genuinely enjoying coming to work each day and I look forward to seeing them. My apartment is great. It's right beside the train station (which in Korea is prime real estate) plus it is way bigger than I ever expected. Many of my friends have apartment envy and I don't blame them.
Korea the country is just wonderful. I fell in love with it right off the bat, even with the start of the rainy season coinciding with my arrival. It seems like everywhere I look there is a park or a mountain, even in the heart of Seoul. Having experienced 3 out of 4 seasons here I can tell you it is beautiful country and I am thankful everyday that I am here. I couldn't ask for anything more and I don't know when I'll be wanting to come back.
Spring and Mike have totally gone above and beyond for me. When I ended up very sick in the hospital at the end of 2010 I was able to contact them so that they could let the school know where I was. They even helped me a time before calling in sick to the school because at the time I had no one else to contact.. If you want to come to Korea, teach English and experience a really wonderful culture, then Canada 2 Korea is the one you want to work with. I couldn't reccommend them more highly.
Elizabeth (Trent University, Honours B.A. double major, English and history)


Donna (Ontario) currently in Mok Po City, Jeollanam-do Province
[February 21, 2011]


Spring and Mike
Thank you very much for being so helpful and patient with me.  Spring worked very closely with me guiding me day by day especially since my application had to be processed within 5 weeks, not much time to say the least.  Even though I had my passport and most of my documents ready there were some snags that we managed to overcome and so far it's been smooth sailing after that.
I was able to fill a  contract in a Christian School that I beleive is my destiny.   Filling the completion of this contract is a God send especially since I wanted to practice teaching after receiving my Ontario Teacher's License in February. 
Time flies by much too quickly though.  I teach in  Girls' High School in Mok Po City from Monday to Thursday and prepare on Friday for the following week.  Of course, every school varies but I am teaching solo.  I love the opportunity to be creative and innovative in order to suit the needs  of the students and the demands of the school's schedules.
Springer and Mike are very informative about either working situations and are more than happier to help fill your needs and interests.  Please be assured that they will guide you and help you prepare for a safe journey.

Donna (Bachelor of Education, Redeemer University, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada)


Rae-Lyn (Ontario) currently in Cheong Ju
[October 24, 2010]


Dear Spring and Mike,

It’s wild to believe that I’m into my second year in Korea. I apologize for the tremendously late email. It feels as if only a few months have gone by.
Korea never sleeps, so that means neither did I last year. lol. You are always doing something, going somewhere, with friends or having some sort of an adventure. It seems like there is always a new experience to be had, or gem to discover. I became thoroughly exhausted by the end of my contract, but it was well worth it.
I’m definitely glad to have returned to Korea for round 2. Despite how amazing last year was, I think it will be wise to embark on a slightly toned down version this year. The lifestyle that a teacher can have feels so much like a permanent vacation. It’s easy to forget that you are here to work.
One of the best things that came out of last year is that I have discovered a great passion for teaching. I am absolutely crazy about it. I love what I do and at this point I can’t see myself ever stopping. I’ve started looking into further education so I can expand and make what I’m doing a career. There are so many online accredited University programs out there these days. Living and working in Korea is really the ideal place to have the time and money to take them. 
It was great working with 9 other foreign teachers that welcomed us into Korea and showed us the ropes.
The director is a good, solid Directors to work for.   You always get paid on time. The kids are getting a good, after school education. The accommodations provided are sufficient for living comfortably. If you have any concerns or needs, you can approach the Directors and they are more than willing to help you
The director is also  very generous. Every so often he requires us to do extra things for him, above our usual duties.  Things like: word lists, preparation for contests or special events, taking extra classes and so on…  but they always show their gratitude in other ways like dinners and special teacher outings. We are never taken for granted in the work place and I really appreciate it.
I was also really impressed with the arrangements made for my visit back to Canada. I was given a direct, return flight and my time off was accommodated to suit my request.  The director is  also really flexible and helpful if a teacher wants to do a bit of travelling before they head home.
Since I have been in Korea I have been able to travel to China, Taiwan and Laos. It’s a wonderful way to break up your year and see other parts of the world. Korea is a fantastic location that allows you to go to so many other amazing, near by places on a shoestring.
I have also been able to save an incredible amount of money here. The Won hasn’t been doing very well, but the low cost of living really counteracts that. It is amazing how much money you are able to save when you don’t pay rent, car insurance, and many other types of bills that you would be paying at home.
All in all I have fallen in love with Korea. The people, food, culture, language, scenery and lifestyle are intoxicating. Korea generally isn’t one of the top 10 places people want to visit because they don’t know what a gorgeous place it is. They are unaware of how much life, energy and fun there is here. It really is a shame. Although, at the same time I feel excited that I have had the pleasure to experience something most people never will. It makes it that much more extraordinary. I understand how people come here and just can’t bring themselves to leave.
I’m very thankful to the both of you for doing such a great job at finding my placement. I think without your assistance it would have been very stressful and I might not of had such a wonderful experience. It really gave me a great peace of mind to know that you knew the city, school and directors you were referring me to. I recommend you to anyone who is thinking about coming to Korea and I have been very impressed with the people who you have recruited to my school as well.

When time moves on bit I will be contacting you for some suggestions. My contract isn’t finished until July 1st and I want to do two months of travelling before starting a new contract if possible.

Rae-Lyn (Bachelor of Arts in History, University of Windsor)


Lindsey (Ontario) currently in Suwon
[August 26, 2010]


Hi Spring and Mike

My name is Lindsey and I am from Toronto.I have been living and teaching in Korea for over 10 months now. Some would refer to me as a veteran. My work environment is great! We have equal numbers of foreign and Korean teachers. Everyone at work is super helpful especially in the beginning to get you organized and into the routine of teaching. Our Directors are absolutely incredible. Whenever we need something from going to the doctors, renting a car or travel visas they are always able to help and take care of things. I have found the Korean culture to be a very caring one and people are always willing to help you out. The apartments we are given have everything you need. Its great because all the foreign teachers live in the same building so its super easy to socialize and also have your alone time. The apartments are bachelor style but its cool because you live alone.

Before coming to Korea I got my international drivers permit and that has allowed me to rent cars and travel the Korean countryside. This is a very dynamic country with a lot of scenery you would never expect to see. If driving isn't an option for you there are also a lot of tour groups that go to different places every weekend and that's a great way to meet new people from around the country and have different experiences. There are so many things to see and do in this country I am sure in one year you will not have had time to do it all. Trust me my time is running out.

Between teaching and exploring Korea I have also been able to explore other countries in Asia as well. I spent my first Christmas away from home in Thailand, and now I am spending my Thanksgiving vacation in China. I also have this Christmas booked for Indonesia and on my way home I plan on stopping in Japan for a week. Flying and traveling around Asia is extremely cheap if you live here. My main reason for teaching was also to see this part of the World. Vacation is short but sweet so do your research and plan ahead so you can make the most of all your time here.

Canada 2 Korea was another main reason I was able to leave home for a year (for me 1 year and 4 months because I extended my contract)! Before coming to Korea I spent a lot of time emailing Spring and Mike and also talking to them on the phone. I asked millions of questions and they were able to answer all of them. My interview, contract, visa documents and other requirements were a breeze because Spring and Mike made everything so easy to follow and very organized. I never got to meet Spring and Mike before I left but I know once I return back to Canada I will be asking them to join me for dinner. This process has been a very easy one for me and Spring and Mike also found me an incredible school with great people to work with! I can't thank Spring and Mike enough for all their help in this process.

Teaching in Korea can be scary to start, not sure what to expect. BUT, this has definitely been one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences of my life so far. These kids are amazing and adorable. You become very attached quickly, but you also enjoy your time outside of school A LOT too! Being a foreign teacher you are a small celebrity to these kids and families and everyone appreciates that you are giving up your home life to be in theirs! I never thought I would be teaching English for a year but here I am teaching everyday and truly loving this job.

Teaching English in Korea for each person will be different. If you come into this experience with and open mind and a drive to explore and have adventure this year could change your life! My biggest recommendation is to learn the language before you come, you will never find the time to learn it here! Plus it is easy to function in Korea speaking English and performing charades for people to understand you! If anyone is interested and has questions about this experience please don't hesitate to ask Spring and Mike for my email I would be happy to help!

Thanks again Spring and Mike!!!

This has been the fastest year of my life!

Lindsey (Bachelor of Business Administration, University of New Brunswick)


Allison (Ontario) currently in Gwangju, Jeollanam-do Province
[August 11, 2010]


Hi Spring and Mike!

Korea is excellent. My school is wonderful and the people I work with are great and very helpful. I am  really lucky to be in a school with so many other foreign teachers (there are 10) because it made it easy to meet new friends and learn about what is available to me in Gwangju(Jeollanam-do Province).
 I absolutely LOVE teaching these children. The English immersion program at our school is really neat. I teach general English to grades 3 and 6, as well as many OTHER subjects IN English to grade 4.  I teach the same children different subjects. 
I was also able offer my filming experience and started an after-school English film class with the students! I've been helping out with class management and the student's movie is almost finished to show the school! We are having a lot of fun.

Some highlights so far have included visiting Seoul (where I also had a chance to do some shopping and visit the traditional district), going on an "adventure Korea" trip to the DMZ (where I also bungee jumped!) and the beautiful Green tea fields in Boseong. There have been many more adventures too. I've  been to baseball games and soccer games (the world cup was very exciting), I also ran 10km in a marathon with some of my Korean and English co-workers.
Vacation is coming up and I  am in the midst of deciding exactly what to do. There are so many options. It is surprisingly easy to travel to surrounding countries (China, Japan) and we also hope to visit Jeju Island.

The school has asked me if I would like to renew my contract so I am  thinking about it. Thank you so much for helping us find a job in Korea. This particular job was well worth the wait!

A very grateful Allison (Bachelor's of Arts, Wilfrid Laurier University)


Brian (Ontario) Gyeonggi Board of Education, Gwangju City High School
[August 10, 2010]


So far I'm enjoying my time teaching in Gwangju School(GEPIK); the teachers and principals are very kind, and the students are very active and enthusiastic when their interest is sparked.  Every working day starts off with an uphill trek because the school sits on top of a mountain.  This is nice during cold weather because it warms up my body, but almost overheats my body during the summer.  Nonetheless, my legs are stronger because of the daily uphill climb and the view of the city from my school is always breathtaking.

I find Gwangju to be a small but clean city.  Surprisingly, there are many foreigners who work around the vicinity of the city and this is why many foreign restaurants can be found here.  So far I've seen an Indian restaurant, an authentic Chinese restaurant, a Filipino restaurant, a Thai restaurant, and I'm sure there are many more.  Also, since the city is surrounded by mountains, it makes for a spectacular bike riding scenery.

Gwangju is not too far away from Seoul, but the only convenient transportation to get there is to take a bus to the subway line.  However, there are plans to open a subway line that reaches Gwangju within a few years (I can see the new tracks being built).  The city relatively close to Bundang, where there are many foreign English teachers and places that offer Korean lessons to foreigners.  Although, the location of the city may seem inconvenient at times, it's worth the distance to live in a clean and fairly quiet city.  Gwangju city has both the conveniences of a large city, such as a department store and numerous restaurants, while having a more rural feel with the mountain and farm field surroundings.

Overall, I recommend living in Gwangju for those who want to expose themselves to different levels of the Korean culture.    Thanks Spring and Mike for giving me another great opportunity to work in Korea.  You've made the necessary paperwork process and communicating to the Korean school very easy.  You are such a good team!

- Brian (Bachelor of Education, Univeristy of Windsor)


Peter (Ontario) Currently in Cheong Ju
[July 9, 2010]


I have been in South Korea for about eight months now. I am located in Cheong Ju, which is roughly one hour and a half from Seoul.

First off, I would like to mention how great Mike and Spring are as professional recruiters. They have plenty of contracts and options to offer, are able to meet you individually, and are dedicated to helping you find the job you are looking for.
 Be certain of what type of job you would like. Would you prefer working in a public school, a hagwan, or a university? It is critical that you understand how each institution is run, so you don't get stuck in an environment that does not suit you. These are some questions that Mike and Spring would be glad to help you with.

Also, although it is easy to get by in Korea without learning Korean, I strongly suggest you start learning the language. Since, I arrived in Korea, I have been studying Korean by myself and have a pretty good command of the language. Not only does it help you understand when people are talking about you, but it also helps you develop stronger bonds with the students who can't speak English very well. I do not recommend using Korean in the classrooms, but learning Korean will benefit you in many ways. Especially, meeting Koreans, or getting discounts at stores, and experiencing life as a Korean. 

Overall, my experience in Korea is exactly what I want it to be. I cannot personally tell you that your life in Korea will be great, but as an outgoing individual, I have made the most out of my experience. For example, I love martial arts and kick boxing, so I joined a kick boxing club. I train 5-6 days a week and practice speaking Korean with my master.

if you really want to try teaching in Korea, Mike and Spring are excellent recruiters that you can trust.

Thank you Mike and Spring,

Peter (Carleton University)


Michelle (Ontario) Currently in Cheong Ju
[August 5, 2009]


Hi Spring and Mike,

I can't believe I have been here for a month already time has flown by so fast, yet at the same time it feels like home. Everything here is great the school is really nice and my coworkers are all really nice and helpful so I haven't had any trouble making new friends. Cheongju is a great city everything I need is all right here and it being in the middle of the country is very convenient for travelling. I went to Seoul my first weekend and on my vacation I went to Busan so I've pretty much been through the whole country and I still feel like I haven't even begun to see everything. Even though I don't understand Korean I haven't had any problems getting around and everyone has been very accommodating. I absolutely love teaching, everyday is different and exciting. The kids are so cute and full of energy, they keep me on my toes and make me look forward to coming to work. I really enjoy working here and think that it will be a really rewarding job and a great experience. Korea is nice, really different but an exciting place. The apartment is great its a lot bigger than I thought it would be, and after I painted and decorated it, it really feels like home now. I am still trying to get use to the food, I've been trying all sorts of different things trying to figure out what I like, but its  hard because there is so much to choose from, but if I am not feeling adventurous there are plenty of foreign foods available. I was very surprised to see how many western restaurants there were like Dominos, Outback Steak House, Subway, Dunkin Donuts the list goes on and on. It has only been a month, but I think I have adjusted very well and have yet to get homesick. I am excited for everything that Korea has instore for me, so far it has been amazing and I am so happy I decided to come, I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for an exciting challenge where you will do things you never thought you would do and experience things that you will never forget. Thank you so much for all of your help, you two were awesome and I honestly don't think I could have done it without you, I really felt prepared when I left and wasn't worried about what was instore for me. I would also like to give a special thank you to Spring whos inside knowledge steared me towards making the best decisions for me such as working at a private school and living in a single apartment, looking back I wouldn't want it anyother way!     
Thanks again!

Michelle (University of Western Ontario)


Matthew (Ontario) currently in Jeon Ju.
[July 22, 2009]


Dear Spring and Mike,

I have only been here now for two weeks but it feels like a month! A lot of great experiences have come rushing in and I've met many friendly faces here in Jeon Ju. The city here is very clean and the area I am living in is laid out nicely. Grocery stores, open air markets, restaurants, pool halls, an English cinema, a bowling alley ... it's all really close! 
The teaching experience has been great so far. I feel that I am beginning to connect with my kids and am gaining their respect. My focus here is definitely on building a relationship with them through creating an interesting class environment. They're great kids and really deserve the best of my efforts. I can't wait to see how this year unfolds and to see how much they really learn from our interactions.
The food here is plentiful. I have yet to cook a traditional Korean meal but I am sure I will get into that in the coming months. Right now in the adjustment phase it is just easier to stick to familiar foods. There is everything I need at the local grocery store. Most of what you find back home is here, even an organics section! 
Everything thus far has worked out perfectly. I want to thank you both so much for taking care to get me here and into an excellent teaching environment. The apartment is spacious, the staff are friendly and overall it's the perfect place for me! You treated me as if I were family before I left and I would like to extend my greatest respect to both of you. 

P.S. If you ever need a place to stay in South Korea you are most welcome in my home! 

Talk to you soon and thanks again for all of your incredible help,

Matthew (University of Guelph, Bachelor of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism Management)

Claudia (Ontario) currently in Suwon
[June 24, 2009]


Dear Mike and Spring:

I am now settled in Suwon. The school is amazing, the kids are extremely fun and smart, the other teachers at the school are very nice, and the directors of the school Kevin and Ally have been especially helpful and accommodating. The apartment is also very nice and it has a lot of storage space which is an extra bonus.

I have found Korea to be a beautiful country but it is its people that make it beautiful: people here are extremely nice and polite and are always looking for ways to help you. Another thing that i have found very nice is the fact that everything is at my footsteps: grocery stores, convenient stores, schools, clothing stores, restaurants etc. are all at my footstep.

Speaking of restaurants, the other English teachers, Jodi, Luanne, and Rachel have taken me to quite a few delicious restaurants, and the food is amazing and still at the same time very inexpensive.

So far i have only gone to Seoul once and have only explored around my neighborhood in Suwon, but once that first paycheck rolls in, you can expect to see me in Seoul every weekend! Another thing that i like is the fact that It is very easy and fast to get to Seoul.

I have only been here for 3 weeks, but i have already made so many good memories.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you both for taking such good care of me and guiding me through the process. I also wanted to thank you for putting me in such a good school, I do not regret coming here at all, and i am looking forward to making more memories here in South Korea.


Claudia (University of Western Ontario, Bachelor's Degree in Sociology)

Matthew (Ontario) Gyeonggi Board of Education, Hanam City Middle School - May 27, 2009

Thanks for this once in a life time opportunity.  I love the middle school I'm at in Hanam City, Gyeonggi Province.  I've been here for 8 months and I already want to return to the same school I'm at.  I feel the staff are excellent people and I wouldn't want to be at any either school.   They are so kind and so understanding to all the challenges, we; as Foreigners face.  Also, there are some excellent teachers at Sinpyung which I'm trying to learn from each and everyday.  I feel one year is just not enough.  Let's go for round two. Thank you for setting up such a nice school.

Matthew (Bachelor of Education, Lakehead Universtiy)

Jodi (Alberta) Suwon Friday, February 27, 2009


Hey Mike and Spring,

I wanted to let you know that I made it safely to Suwon and am having an awesome experience! It has only been just over a week and already I am feeling comfortable in my school and in this city.  My apartment is great and I have a lot of room in it.  I am within walking distance from many cool attractions and important bus stations so it is a very convenient location, too.  My school is just down the road so it makes for a very short commute!
Thank you so much for finding me a school and getting me over here! I really appreciate all of your hard work and dedication.  It was so wonderful to feel comfortable even before I arrived!
Thanks again,

Jodi (Bachelor of Arts, The King's University, Edmonton)

Michael (Ontario)-Gyeonggi Board of Education


Friday, November 7, 2008

Dear Spring and Mike,

I wanted to let you know that I already feel comfortable being here in Suwon.  My co-teacher Hyunhee, the other co-teachers, the principle and the kids have all made me feel very welcome.  My apartment is very close to the school, in fact I can see it right outside my window.  It only takes me 2 mins to get there.  The apartment inside is very nice and clean, small but comfortable.  Inside I have a stove top, microwave, fridge, washer, hairdryer, iron, tv, dvd player, and a double bed.  The city as well is great, but will have to start exploring a lot more. 

I must admit I was alittle worried about how things were going to turn out down here, but once I got here everything seemed to work out.  Hyunhee has done a great job helping with all the basics making it easier to get settled in.  I wanted to let you know that I have been happy with everything so far and wanted to thank you for making this experience possible.


Michael (University of Western Ontario)

Dillon (Ontario) - Gyeonggi Board of Education

[ Sunday, 12 Oct., 2008 ]

Spring and Mike!
I am here in Namyangju city! At the middle school, teaching for the Gyeonggi Board of Education.  My co-teacher (Hyung!) Kim, Sung-Il is amazing!  and the appartment is incredible!  I want to thank you for all your hard work and I want to let you know I really appreciate it!  I am already having the time of my life, and am adjusting to life here.  It will take a while to settle in but im excited to do so!  I hope you are both well, and I will keep you posted.  

-Dillion (University of Western Ontario)

Jacqueline  ( Ontario ) currently in Seoul


[September 6th, 2008]

Dear Mike and Spring,
I love Seoul soooooo much. Thank you for all your help finding me a place and a school. Everyone is so kind here, both the staff and foreign teachers have been great. My students are the sweetest children ever, and I look forward to going to school everyday. We took a field trip to the firestation this week and had a lot of fun. I have done quite a bit of exploring and am planning on going down to Busan for the long weekend to visit a friend. I am also starting to plan for my winter vacation, I am considering Thailand - I have heard great things.  Thank you for all of your help, time and effort. I am forever grateful.
Jacqueline (Bachelor of Education, Lake Head University Thunder Bay)

Jennifer (Ontario) - currently in Seoul


[June 11,2008 ]

Dear Spring and Mike,

Greetings from Seoul! I would like to take this time to thank you for connecting me with the incredible school that I am working at. The school in Seoul is an excellent school to work at. The staff are friendly and helpful, and the students are hardworking and active. I have really been enjoying myself, and look forward to coming to work every day. It is an incredible feeling to watch the students' English improve day by day. Thank you again for kindness and help. You have helped to make my transition from Canada to Korea smooth.

I will keep in touch! Jennifer

-Jennifer (Faculty of Education, University of Windsor)


Shaunna (Ontario) - currently in Jeon Ju


[June 3, 2008]

Dear Spring and Mike,

I'm writing to let you know how much I am enjoying Jeon Ju. I love this city it's big enough to have some places that remind me of home (Pizza hut, The Outback) and small enough that I feel like I am getting to know and live Korean culture. The foreigners here all hang out together and since I am still new every time I go out I meet new and friendly people. Korean food is fabulous, the first time I tried Kimchi I didn't like it and now I eat it everyday and I love it. Jeon Ju is a great city to live in and we are only a bus ride away from everywhere in Korea.

I want to thank you for everything you have done for me and I love that you continue to stay in touch even after I moved out here. I would recommend Canada 2 Korea to anyone who is looking to work in South Korea. It's wonderful to talk one on one with people who have experience teaching in Korea and I feel like I was well prepared to make the journey out here and what to expect on the steps along the way.

I think anyone who likes kids, wants to travel and meet amazing people while having a great time would benefit from teaching in South Korea.

I am so grateful to be living this opportunity.

Thanks for everything!

-Shaunna (Brock University)


Krystal (Ontario) - currently in Seoul


[January 23, 2008]

Hello Mike and Spring!

Dear Spring & Mike,

This is Darlene, Krystal's mother. I can't believe Krystal has been in
Seoul, South Korea for 6 months now. She will be celebrating her 24th
birthday there on January 28. What a birthday! I would like to thank you
both for making her dream come true. Your guidance, support and assistance
has contributed to another success for Krystal!

She loves her teaching position, her fellow teachers and her Director.
Everyday is a new experience and the calls home are exciting and full of
new learnings and adventures she wants to share. What more could a mother
want for her daughter.

Krystal went to Thailand for New Years with her fellow teachers and she had
the time of her life. What an experience.

This is not only a terrific life journey and experience for Krystal, but it
has also become an adventure and journey for myself and Krystal's Aunty
Linda as we will be going to South Korea in May, to visit her. We can't

I would highly recommend your website to any student that would like a
wonderful experience and a life journey that they will remember forever.

Thank you both for everything.

P.S. Krystal loves it so much it wouldn't surprise me if she stays longer
than her 1 year contract....

Darlene (MOM)

- Krystal (University of Windsor)


Allison ( Ontario ) currently in Seoul


[October 31th, 2007 ]

Hello Mike and Spring

I am having a wonderful time.

The school is great.   It is very stimulating and satisfying. This school is for teachers that really care about kids, and want to teach and learn a lot.

I love my classes, I am learning so much we went to Everland with the kids on Friday night, and now we have made a haunted house for all the kids where we dress up and scare them. It's really fun, actually.

The staff is amazing everyone is so nice, and so helpful. The energy at the school is also great.

I must say I love living in Seoul the shopping is great, there is always lots to see and a lot of festivals on. I have also started hapkido classes that run from Monday to Friday every week, I am on my fourth week there and really love it. It is a good way for me to get rid of my energy after a hard day at school and I am making a lot of friends, and even just from hapkido I can now count to 20...well only one way, but each day at a time. I still need to learn more Korean but I can read and spell the first 10 letters, so I am getting there bit by bit.

Seoul is such a big city.

I have also been out and about and the night life is great here. There are always food booths open, and a variety of different places to go to. Everything is open very late, so you can access so many things late at night.

I went on a templestay last weekend for my birthday. I wanted to get away from the city and relax because I keep myself extremely busy most of the time. They taught us how to meditate, we had ceremonies, and toured around the countryside. It was a wonderful experience.

Anyways thanks again for sending me to this school it was perfect for me, everything has worked out wonderfully I love it here.
It was great to see Mike and Spring visiting the school in Seoul last month.
I have a friend who wants to go to Korea as an ESL teacher.  I recommended to him that he contact Canada 2 Korea.

Talk to you soon and keep in touch!!!
Allie (Brock University, Bachelor of Arts Degree)

Jennii ( Ontario ) Gyeonggi Board of Education

[October 30th, 2007 ]

Hi Mike & Spring! 

I am truly enjoying my life in Suwon, the people are incredibly warm and generous. The students and teachers at my school are great and I feel right at home living in a traditional Korean neighbourhood. I love my job and have the chance to build and polish my teaching abilities. I have met some incredible people and am already thinking about staying another year.

To anyone who is considering spending a year teaching in South Korea: Don't miss this adventure of a lifetime. Life is what you make of it, so make up your mind and get on the plane! If you are curious, independent and optomisitic- this opportunity is for you!

~ Jennii (Faculty of Education, University of Windsor)

Geoff ( Ontario ) currently in Seoul

[October 28th, 2007 ]

Dear Mike and Spring,

I can't thank you guys enough for your fast and personal attention in finding me the ideal job. My school provides me with fantastic teaching experience working with different ages and has a great deal of perks that I could not have imagined. My coworkers (both foreign and Korean) are phenomenal people and we have a very cohesive staff. My director and supervisors are approachable and truly care about their workers and students. Canada2Korea found the perfect job for me, and from applying to flying it was less than a month. It will definitely be hard to leave.

Like I said before, the job is great... We just went to Yong In, to Everland this past weekend with some students for an overnight stay and it was a great experience and a lot of fun for the kids and teachers. Our director has booked a Christmas staff party that will be overnight at Everland as well, which is just one of the many great perks of this job that I had never considered when looking at contracts.

I hope everything is going well back in Chatham.

Have a great day!

Geoff (McMaster University, Honours Bachelor of Arts in History)

Sean ( Ontario ) currently in Dae Jeon

[October 16th, 2007 ]

Dear Spring and Mike,
I want to thank you for setting me up with a great Middle School here in Daejeon.   I really enjoy teaching at my school and everyone in Korea is so polite and kind.  Working in Korea is a great experience and I am thankful to have had the wonderful experience that you both helped organize.  You were very helpful and accommodating in helping me find a school and a city that I would enjoy.  Thanks for all your hard work it has really paid off.
Sean (Bachelor of Environmental Studies, and Resource Studies Honours Co-op, University of Waterloo )

Sheldon ( Ontario ) Gyeonggi Board of Education

[August 16th, 2007 ]

Thank you Spring and Mike for sending me to Korea to teach with the Gyeonggi Board of Education.

My experiences in Korea are life changing, and amazing. Technology is very well advanced, and there is a lot of “old meets new” like no other country in the world. My year in Korea was very smooth. I never got sick, I never had any culture shock, and I was never homesick at all. I also find it amazing that I do not need a car to get around Korea, because the pubic transportation system in Korea is excellent. There is no place where I cannot get bus or rail connections..

My teaching experience is also very positive. I am working in one of the best elementary schools in Yongin with a good Gyeonggi Board of Education curriculum. I started with a co-teacher working in the class with me, now I teach up to 99% of all the English classes in my own class with kids coming up to my room everyday. This job I have is a challengingly great job I have with a friendly staff.

Working as an ESL teacher under the Gyeonggi Province School Board’s Program is an opportunity that I will never take for granted. I am very thankful for this opportunity to work for the Korean people and to be a beacon of learning for the kids who enter my classroom. I always look forward to having the next class with my kids everyday.
The greatest thing I also love about Korea are the places where I go to see, both modern and historic. There is so much to see and do in Korea, whenever there is an opportunity to get out there and go to see a festival or interesting places, I would go.

As a result I have decided to renew my contract to continue working another year in Korea. This experience is more than just a job, it is a cultural adventure.

Sheldon (Faculty of Education, University of Windsor)

Brian ( Ontario ) - currently in Cheong Ju

[August 7th, 2007 ]

Hi guys,

I would like to thank Mike and Spring for all their hard work in setting me up here in Korea. Every detail was covered and they truly made it a smooth transition to this beautiful country. My job is great and exactly what I expected and it was nice having that security from the moment I got off the plane with everything falling into line just how they said it would. You guys made a very big decision seem small and effortless with all your detail and genuine care throughout the process. Thank you, im loving my time here in Korea!

Sincerely Brian (University of Western Ontario)

Krystal ( Ontario ) - currently in Seoul

[August 6th, 2007]

Dear Mike and Spring,

I would like to take this opportunity to genuinely thank you both. I have arrived safely in Seoul, South Korea and am setting in quite nicely. I could not have asked for anything better. You have provided me an exceptional experience. I LOVE my school and my director is absolutely wonderful. I have managed to fit in with the staff perfectly and have received all of the help and guidance that any foreign teacher could ask for. I want anyone reading this to know that Korea without a doubt is a magnificent place which offers you nothing but gratitude and respect for the job you do. I have to say that without your help finding me the perfect school and director I would not feel this way.

I want to once again thank you for this wonderful life experience. Without you this would never have been so smooth and simple.

Thanks again,

Krystal (University of Windsor)

Chris (Ontario) - Gyeonggi Province Board of Education 2007

Dear Spring and Mike,

     I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Canada2Korea for all of your expert assistance, advice and patience in setting me up with Daepyeong High School (Gyeonggi Board) here in beautiful Suwon, South Korea.  Your guidance definitely helped to make the seemingly confusing application process much less worrisome and intimidating.  I feel very fortunate to have been hooked-up with an associate teacher, school administration and staff who have been so kind, helpful and efficient in getting me settled and feeling very welcome.  I truly believe I could not have it any better here.  I have been here for just over a month now, and aside from getting over the jetlag and a little culture shock, I feel like I fit in.  I have already recommended you to some friends who will be here in August!

Many thanks.  Keep up the good work!!

Chris (B.Ed., University of Ottawa)

Simon (Ontario) - currently in Dae Jeon 2007

To everyone considering employment in South Korea!

I'd like you all to know how impressed I am with Spring and Mike for all their efforts.  Honestly.  I've put off writing this testimonial for so long because I just couldn't think of what to say to express my gratitude.  They really went out of their way in helping me to get the job I wanted in the city I wanted, and it's been great.  canada2korea is more than just an excellent recruitment service.  It's 2 people who genuinely care very personally about providing you the best experience they can. 

Thank you Mike and Spring!!!


( B.E.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, University of Western Ontario)

Nadia (Ontario) - Gyeonggi Province Board of Education 2007

Hi Mike,

Things have been very well here. I must thank you and Spring for setting me up with such a wonderful school. All of the staff and students at the S.S. Elementary School in Suwon have made me feel very much at home in Korea. This has been a valuable introductory year into the world of teaching. I have learned many lessons that I will take back home with me to Canada
and also into my future classrooms.

Thanks again,

Nadia (ED Western University Althouse College)

Chris (Ontario) - Gyeonggi Province Board of Education 2007

Hey guys!

Thanks Mike and Spring for the help in getting me my placement here in Gyenggido Provincial Board of Education.  I enjoy teaching at the Icheon High School.  You guys were very helpful before I left Canada, and it was great to meet with you in Toronto. My co-teachers here in Korea have been very helpful as well.  I've been able to eat some great Korean food and plan to travel to some other destinations when I get some time off.  The students are very polite and a delight!  Thanks again for all the help! 


Chris (McMaster University)

Mary (Ontario) - Gyeonggi Province Board of Education 2007

Dear Mike and Spring,

How are you? Time does go by very quickly and I thank you for everything you have done in order to bring me here to Korea teaching for the Gyeonggi Board of Educaton. I really like my school the C.S. Middle School, and I love the place where I live (Bundang). I'm even considering at the moment to stay longer. Some of my friends have been interested in coming here to Korea to teach as well and I have recommended Canada2Korea to help them out. I'm sure they will receive great guidance as I did. Once again thank you!

I have been able to do some traveling around Korea and I absolutely love it!

Thank you!!!!

Mary (University of Calgary)

Lisa (Ontario) - Gyeonggi Province Board of Education 2007

Dear Spring and Mike,

Thank you for sending your email.  I am doing great in Korea.  I really enjoy teaching at my school and everyone in Korea is so polite and kind.  I am glad that I decided to come here to teach because it is a good learning experience.  I have met many great friends which I will continue to contact with even when I come back to Canada.

Thanks again for everything you have done for us. Take care and I hope you are all doing great.

Lisa (ED University of Windsor)

Zdravka (Ontario) - Gyeonggi Province Board of Education 2007

Hello Mike and Spring,

I am very happy to hear from you. I am also glad that you two are doing great. I am really happy in Korea and I feel like I am being blessed to have this opportunity to travel and earn money at the same time. I like everything about Korea. I love Korean food, people, weather and most of all  Korean children. I have so much fun teaching Korean children. They are very respectful and we adore each other. I was in Japan a month ago when we had a spring break. I stayed there 5 days and it was very exciting. I am thinking about staying one more year in Korea because I still want to save a little more money and I want to see China and Jeju island.

Soon I will send you some pictures , although I know that you have many pictures from Asia:)

Thank you for your e mail.

Keep in touch!

All the best for you two.

Have a great day!

Zdravka (ED University of Windsor)

Jen (British Colombia) - Gyeonggi Province Board of Education 2007

Dear Mike and Spring,

Yes, time flies when ur having fun! :)  I LOVE it here in Korea!  I have a great school and I've made a ton of friends.  I do keep in touch with some orientation people, a few in my area, and one friend is like one of my best friends here.  So its great, the orientation is an awesome way to get contacts.  I haven't traveled much of korea yet, just one spur of the moment trip to Daejon.  I've kept really busy though.  I am really involved in a great church here, Onnuri, and so I have so many friends there.  I also do taekwondo during the week.  I've traveled to Beijing, and i just got back from Sri lanka.  Things are awesome here, I am SO glad I moved here, I think i might stay for a while... I'm pretty established into the lifestyle here for just being here 6 months.  It's great.  All is well over here, I am happy and content, and things couldn't have worked out better!  So thanks for helping me get a job here, I love my job and I love korea!  Thank you for setting up the job with the Gyeonggi Board of Educaton teaching at the Yongin City High School.
Jen (Briercrest Bible College)

Daniel (Ontario) - currently in Gyeonggi Province 2007

Mike and Spring,
All is well. Korea and SGHS ( Suwon Girls' High School ) is still treating me incredibly well. I feel like I'm truly lucky to have ended up at this school.
The time has flown by but I've had many chances to explore Korea and even go on a nice long vacation to Australia.
Nice to hear from you. Thanks for checking in. I hope all is well with you.
Daniel (Lakehead University)

Jimmy (Ontario) - currently in Gyeonggi Province 2006

Hello Mike and Spring!!

Look what have you done to my life! Living in Korea is awesome!!  Teaching for the Gyeonggi Board of Education at the Girls' Middle School is great. I am fascinated with the school, co-teachers, students, appartment and everything in here!!Korean gave me such a warm welcome and they are pretty kind. Thanks to Mike and Spring for providing me this opportunity.



Jimmy (University of Western Ontario)

Brianne (Ontario) - currently in Dae Jeon 2006

Mike and Spring,

Thank you so much for helping my sister and me get to Korea.  We have been in Daejeon for almost two weeks now and we're really enjoying it.  It is a beautiful city!  The trees and flowers here are gorgeous, and everyone we've met has been very friendly and helpful.  We're living close to Expo park and the river so there is a lot to do.  This weekend we're hoping to explore other parts of the city; maybe hit a few markets.  The taxis are very cheap and easy to find.

Our apartment is fairly big and in a good location.  The bathroom is really cool - it came equipped with a washing machine and drying rack for clothes.  The apartment also has an enclosed balcony where you can dry clothes if you want.  Our internet and phone lines were up and running the day after we moved in, and so far we haven't had any problems with anything.

Everyone at the school has also been very nice and helpful.  The other foreign teachers are a great support system and they have been showing us the ropes.  The Korean teachers are super friendly, and they offer good advice about living in Korea.  The supervisors have been helpful with preparing all of the documents that we need to register, and setting up our apartment.  And the kids are very cute!!!

So far everything has been great! 

I recommend that everyone at least visit Korea if not teach here!

Brianne (University of Guelph)

Amanda (Ontario) - currently in Dae Jeon 2006

Hello Mike and Spring!

Well, Brianne and I have been in Daejeon for almost two weeks now and we love it!  The people at the school are all really nice and it helps working with both native English speaking teachers and Korean teachers.  Not only can I talk to other people from Canada, I can also learn about Korean culture from my new Korean friends.  Everyone is extremely friendly!  The children are really great too!  Our apartment is only a 5-10 minute walk from the school.  It's pretty big and in a very convenient location (near a lot of grocery stores and restaurants).  We have two balconies (great for creating a cross-breeze in this hot weather).  Most of the native English teachers live in this same apartment complex so we are like our own small community.  I haven't travelled anywhere outside of Daejeon yet, but I look forward to exploring other parts of Korea.  If the rest of the country is anything like Daejeon, it will be very green and beautiful.  I love all of the trees and flowers - a very pretty place to live!

I can't thank you enough for finding me such a wonderful job! 

Talk to you soon,

Amanda (University of Guelph)

Dave (Alberta) - currently in Dae Jeon

Mike & Spring,

Well I arrived in Korea and I think that I'm going to like Korea and living in Dae Jeon. My apartment is a nice clean place which I was worried about but I'm very pleased with it. My apartment is only about ten minutes away from my work place which is also convienent. My director is a very kind person. Both the husband and wife go out of their way to make my life comfortable.
This is important because being away from home for the first time, there is a lot to adjust to. I am adjusting ok. I already have been to a national park and am planning another trip as soon as possible. Last week I also had authentic green tea at this temple and found the park beautiful. I would have to say that if you are planning to live in Korea make as many friends as possible. Having support is important. I have met some wonderful people and they have been showing me the ropes. Korea is a beautiful country with breath taking landscapes.

Thank you Mike and Spring for all your help. I know that it took a lot of work to help me land this job. It will all be worth it in the end and I know that I will gain valuable experiences.

Dave (University of Calgary)

Jason (Ontario) - currently in Cheong Ju City

Spring and Mike,

Greetins from Korea!! Things are going really well for me so far! I'm meeting a lot of really cool people from all over the globe!! There are alot of Canadians here, EH! MR and MRS kim are really really nice!! They have made the transition easier for sure!! They are wonderful people to work for and they treat us all really well. The job is great! I dont start until late every day so I can sleep in which is nice!! Mr. Kim is very quick to get stuff done when you ask him. Usually he will do it that day or the next day. He has been a great boss! It sounds as though this school is one of the best gigs around, just the way the directors treat us and how the teachers all get along. It's a nice working environment.

Well, I'm off to mudfest next weekend which sounds like it will be a blast. Looking forward to that. I will email you and let you know how it went.

Thank you Spring and Mike for setting up a nice school for me.

Take care and I will be in contact soon.

Jason (University of Western Ontario)

J. Michael in Cheong Ju - June 2006

Hello Spring,

Greetings from Cheong-Ju S. Korea. I'm having a wonderful time here. I'm adjusting to the Korean way of life quite easily. I'm amazed at how easy it is to pick up the language. I've met some wonderful people already, and am truly enjoying working with the children. I can't believe that I've been here for a month already. The time has flown by. The director is truly a god send. I've heard that there can be some quite nasty ones, but he has gone out of his way to ensure that we are comfortable and content. Most of the teachers here are of the same opinion; this is evident by them extending their contracts to stay and work at his school.

I've been able to do some minor travelling. I've been to the Yellow Sea and a Buddhist temple during a staff outing. (All expense paid) We ate seafood at the market by the Yellow Sea to our hearts content. I still have lots of discovering to do here in the city, let alone the rest of the country.

You were right in terms that it is quite inexpensive to live here. I've mostly dined out for minimal expense and have yet to have a meal that I didn't enjoy. Though I have done some grocery shopping and plan to cook more now that I am settled into my apartment. The apartments are cosy with my co-workers close by.

I am looking forward to going to Busan to visit some friends from Windsor for Buddha's Birthday this weekend. I still have lots to see and plenty of time to do it. I would totally recommend this type of experience to anyone with a sense of adventure to them. I plan to try and stay here for 2 maybe 3 years. I would very much like my family to be able to come visit and see all the things here that I'm able to experience. I want to thank-you again for recommending this to me. It is everything that you said it would be and so much more. I hope that you and your family are doing well. Take care and I will be sure to stay in touch.

Your's truly,

J. Michael (University of Windsor)

Janice in Cheong Ju - March, 2006

Hi Spring,

I like Korea alot. I'm really enjoying myself , and have had
the opportunity to meet lots of the other English teachers from my
school in Cheong Ju and other ESL teachers from many different countries who are teaching in Cheong Ju.

I like the school, everyone is very nice and helpful. I think it will
be a very good year.

Thank you for the nice school and your help to get me to Korea.


Janice (University of Saskatchewan)

Lisa in Su Won - March, 2006

Hiya Mike and Spring,

Well I got here safely and moved into my apartment just last Wednesday so just about settled now. Everyone is really friendly and helpful. My first day teaching was Thursday, I was observing one of the other foreign teachers from Canada for a few days which was very helpful.

I love the food here and am having no culture shock moments as yet so I think I'll be happy here for the year. Kevin, the director and all of the staff have been so nice to me. Thanks for your help in organising everything for me. I'll keep you posted on how I'm doing in Su Won.

Yours faithfully,


Heather - February, 2006

Hi Spring!

I am liking Korea a lot so far. I have been hanging out with Brendelle( from Canada ) lot, we get a long fabulously. Mr.Cho(Director) is very nice. He bought me a brand new bike, bedding, bath mat, shower slippers and he is giving me everything I need. I am in good hands. I love teaching the children. It is going to be a challenge at times, but that was expected and the staff is very nice, so it makes up for it.This weekend Brendelle and I are heading to Seoul for a little adventure and to see some sites and meet up with my Friend. I am excited. I love the food, still getting used to some things, but for the most part, it's good stuff.

Thanks again for all of your patience and help getting me here. I am very grateful!


Heather (McMaster University)

Lawrence in Cheong Ju - November, 2005

Hi Spring and Mike!

Well it's been 2 weeks in Cheong Ju, Korea, and everything's great! I could not be happier. The working conditions are fantastic. Mr. and Mrs. Kim are such wonderful people. Very fine, and helpful. Mr. Kim helped me get a cell phone and the internet my first week here. He also reimbursed me for my flight the day I arrived, very impressive. My co-workers are very nice too. And the kids are so cute, I have alot of fun with them.

Korea is a beautiful country, I have already been hiking up a mountain, at Mujui, just 20 minutes and 2 dollars away from Cheongju. The food is great, and so are the restaurants. I love how they cook the food right infront of you, and provide great service.

As far as fun, there's alot of it. Cheong Ju is relatively small, so all the English teachers know each other, stick together, and party together. Its a nice community. Drinks and taxis are cheap, so there's alot of fun to be had. Noreabongs (singing rooms) are a blast! I have yet to be to a spa, but im looking forward to it.

There are a bunch of Christians, who were able to find a few English churches in the area, so that's perfect.

Thanks again Spring and Mike for making this possible.

Cheers from Korea!

Lawrence (University of Western Ontario)

Amy - November, 2005

Hi Spring,

So far everything is going really well at the school in Suwon. My fellow teachers have been so welcoming and kind towards me. My apartment is fairly spacious and has everthing I need. The view from my balcony is also
quite nice. It overlooks the park, a lake and mountains can be seen in the distance. I live right next door to two other ESL teachers, Broni and Patty. I really think I'm going to have a great year. Thanks for all your help in finding me a really great placement.

Talk to you soon,

Amy (University of Windsor)

Michelle - August, 2005

Hi Spring,

Sorry that it took me so long to contact you! There is just so much to see and do here in South Korea! My apartment is the best! It is one big room for sleeping and eating, then a small kitchen separated by etched glass doors. My bathroom is the wildest! There is a drain in the bottom of the floor and you use a hand held shower head! There's no shower stall! just the bathroom! No shower could be better! Then my enclosed balcony contains my wardrobe and my washing machine! I live in a great little neighbourhood that is very safe and quiet and only a 5 minute walk to school through a park every morning and night! My school is fair and the students are wonderful. I work more than 5 hours a day; I teach 7 to 8 classes a day ranging in length from 30 minutes to 60 minutes! Classes are going great and I am learning names as fast as I can! Everyone says I will be a good teacher! There is a 13 hour time difference which I am still adjusting to, but all my fellow english teachers say it won't take too long to adjust! My Director, Mr. Kim, is great and everyone here is so helpful and kind! Time is already going by quicky!! I know my experiences here in [South] Korea will be memorable and will help me in the future! I cannot thank you or Mike enough for all of your help and hospitality! (Thank you for inviting me to your house. I love your tasty Korean honey garlic chicken dinner!) Both of you are truly wonderful people!

Thank you again and Brightest Blessings!

Michelle (University of Windsor)

Danielle in Cheong Ju - July, 2005

Hi Spring,

I am enjoying Cheong Ju, South Korea. I am going with Sarah (from Canada)
and Gail (from Ireland) to Busan on Wednesday so I am excited. Its a really nice school, and the director Mr. and Mrs. Kim have been very welcoming. I believe I will have a fantastic year here, everyone is very nice. I like Cheong Ju, I went downtown shopping yesterday and that was fun. Thank you for all your help sending me here. If I have any more questions or concerns I will let you know, although I do feel really comfortable talking to Mr. Kim. Once again, thank you Spring.

Thank you,

Danielle (University of Windsor)

Jeff - July, 2005


KOREA, what a beautiful country! I am so lucky to take part in the wonderful experience of teaching English here. My Director and his wife are so nice! I am honoured to work for such amazing people. The staff here is very friendly and have been so helpful in my first two weeks at their school. We had a dinner celebration for my arrival, where we all ate chicken soup, served with an entire baby chicken in the middle of it. It was very good. The Director reimbursed me for my flight ticket the first day I arrived, which I found quite impressive. He brought me to my apartment, which he had previously cleaned for me and put a new floor into. I was provided with all the necessities of living - fridge, washer, toaster, stove, dishes, silverware, laundry detergent, shampoo, conditioner, air conditioner, bed, sheets, blanket, pillows, chair, table, desk chair, cd player, VCR, clothing closet, hangers, umbrella, lighter, scissors, tape, dish soap, etc. It was very comforting to not have to go out and buy all these things and it made it very easy to settle in during my first few days.

The classes I teach are fifty minutes each, so I end up getting a ten minute break every hour. The schedule is fair and accurate, and there is even a smoking section outside on the balcony. I am on the sixth floor of a six floor building. The view on the balcony is marvellous!

I went to see a movie on Thursday night with my new friends and the Korean subtitles were off to the side of the screen. I didn't even really notice them, so it felt as though I was still in Canada.

Everything here is very cheap, aside from a few minor things such as deoderant. Food is amazing at the price you pay and McDonald's is very close to my school so I can still enjoy a Big Mac from time to time. There are also Kentucky Fried Chickens, Subways, 7-11s and Baskin Robbins.

The bars and the people I've met at them have made me feel right at home. The music is great and the drinks are very reasonably priced. It is so nice to meet people from all over the world and extend my contact list.

My only fear after two weeks is that I might want to stay longer than a year!

Thank you once again, Spring and Mike, for sending me here! I am having the time of my life! The memories I gain here will live on forever.


Jeff (University of Windsor)

John & Larissa - June, 2005

Venturing to South Korea to teach English was a wonderful way to begin our teaching careers! Canada2Korea helped us achieve our goal. We had no idea where to begin when it came to teaching overseas, but Canada2Korea had all the right connections to make our trip fantastic! We would definately recommend Canada2Korea to anyone that is looking to enrich their life through teaching English in South Korea. Thank-you Canada2Korea, you have made our teaching careers in South Korea most pleasant!


John-Michael and Larissa (Brock University)

Carrie - March, 2005

Hi Spring! I'm sorry this has taken me so long to get to you, but I've just recently finished the last big part of my settling in. I've got a new computer and the internet. So this is the first time I've been online in over a month!

Anyways, thank you so much for helping me get over here. I've really been enjoying it. Work is still really fun, the kids are great and the other teachers are super nice and were really helpful when I got here. They showed me all around town, and helped me get set up in the beginning. I have been really excited to learn as much as I can about Korea and everything it has to offer. I've been trying to learn the language, and although it's slow, it's coming along. The food is really tasty, and the people are friendly for the most part. I'm trying to do the tourist thing as well, and I really want to see as much of Korea as I can, while I'm here. Even though it's a bit hard sometimes, what with language and cultural barriers, I love being here, thanks again for helping me come here!

Carrie (University of Western Ontario)

Riley in Jeon Ju - January, 2005
Hello Spring!

I have finished my first week of teaching at the ECC in Jeonju and I have really enjoyed myself so far! My jetlag is finally gone and I am just getting over a bad cold so things are looking really good. Everyone, Mr. *##& and the other teachers, are VERY nice and so helpful. I observed Katie's classes on the day I arrived in Korea and last week I started my own! The little kinders are SO cute and I am enjoying the challenge of teaching the older students too. I am learning so much. It is fun to learn about the Korean culture and about Jeonju. Today I took a taxi to Gaeksa to go shopping all by myself! I miss my family and friends but I keep in touch with them using email so that helps a lot. And I really like meeting new people, Korean AND foreign all over the city! Thank you again for all your help in getting me here, I know it will continue to be a successful experience! I will email you again later with updates of my life in Korea! Bye for now!

Riley (McMaster University)

Renee - January, 2005

Dear Spring..

This is Anita, Renees mother. Yes she has arrived in Korea and seems to be loving it so far. They are very happy with her and said that she is a natural teacher. Her father and I are very grateful to you for all of the arrangements you made for her, and were very relieved when we heard that she was there in her appartment. When we talk to her I will tell her that you were asking about her. It is very hard for me to have her so far away, since I love her very much... but at the same time, I am excited for her and her adventure. She is an enthusiastic, smart young woman so I know she will learn a lot from this experience.

Once again THANK YOU

Adam in Cheon An - December, 2004

Well first off, let me tell ya.......... I....... love........ Korean........ food!!! it's awesome, I have been missing out for many years. hahaha anywayssssssss, Cheon An is beautiful and the mountain range here is unbelievable, I can't wait until I have a chance to go hiking and explore. The director here is very nice and my students are very fast learners, I'm impressed. Well, that's about it for now but Ill get back to you again soon.

Loving it here,

Jeff in Mokpo - December, 2004

Hiya Spring

I didn't realize that Mokpo was on the coast of the Southwest Sea. The Harbour is amazing and I'm really happy you guys located me here. My director is really nice and very helpful, I dont know how I could manage without him. Well, Im heading down to the beach, Ill email you again in a month or so


Carrie in Cheong Ju - December 2004

Hey how are things in Canada? Everything is good here. Speaking of good, my apartment is really nice and my neighbour is from Ireland who is also really nice :) The school is great and teaching here is going to work out great prior to teacher's college. Well, that's if I come back. I love it here, it's an amazing culture.


David in Jeon Ju - September, 2004

Hello Spring,

Jeonju is a very nice city. The building where I teach is brand new and very modern, it's pretty cool. Teaching children that speak a different language is turning out to be a challenge but I love every second of it. And the kids seem to love having me for a teacher which kind helps ;)

Yours Truly,

Renee in Gwang Ju - September, 2004

Hey Spring, how are you? I'm good... well, great actually. There are 10 other foreign teachers here and my roomates are from England and Australia. This is turning out to be an amazing experience. Thank you for setting me up here, I am very greatful for your help.


Sia in Cheong Ju - August, 2004


Well, what can I say? It's AMAZING here!!! The people here are so kind and gentle I just know this is going to be a life altering experience. I love getting up early and hiking through the mountains here. I can't remember the name of the mountain but I'm sure you know what I mean.. hahaha. Anyhow I should get goin.. I'll email you again soon :)


Heather in Seoul - August, 2004

Hello Mike and Spring,

Seoul is great! I am making a lot of new friends and fast. I can't belive how nice the people here are. It's not like home that's for sure! My apartment is only few minutes from the olympic stadium, I love jogging by the stadium... it's so big and there's always lots of tourists there checkin' it out. There's so much to see and do here... I get goin' because I'm goin' out with one of my new friend tonight... hehehehehe


 Kimberly in Seoul - July, 2004

Hi Spring,

How are you? Im great!!! Seoul in awesome!! Everyone here is soo friendly and my students are soooo cute!!! My apartment is quite aways from the institute but the public transportation here is very good and very cheap! :) Which I like alot... I like the subway here, it reminds me of New York, except much much cleaner. Anyways, I hope everything is good back in Canada cuz things are great here in Seoul :)

Talk to you again soon,

 Chantel in Dae Jeon - July, 2004

Dear Spring,

I am emailing to thank your for recommending Dae Jeon. It is perfect for me, it's very modern and right up my alley. I am having a great time and hope to hear from you soon. Sorry for such a short email but I have a class in 15 minutes :)

Your friend
Chantel :)

Kattie in Jeon Ju - May, 2004

You were right Spring. Teaching here in South Korea is turning out to be a great experience and preperation for teacher's college. I'm having a wonderful time.

Thanx again,

Howard in Cheong Ju - March, 2004

Hello, Howard here. Things are fantastic and man am I glad I brought my camera, it's beautiful here. The other teachers here are very nice and extremely helpful. I know I'm gonna have a great year here in Cheong Ju.


Steve in Jeon Ju - February, 2004

Hello Spring,

I love it here in Jeon Ju. You were right, it is full of Korean history here, Jeon Ju is very traditional and the food here is amazing. I'll email you again soon once I'm a little more settled.


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